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Terms & Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions apply to all rooms occupied. Fee rates will be charged according to the terms of individual Agreements made between Millbrook House and the Resident.

Fees are payable monthly in advance by Bankers Order and are reviewed in November each year. We reserve the right to charge interest and an administration charge on all overdue accounts. Our fees include a furnished room for your exclusive use, the use of communal rooms and gardens, personal care, provision of meals, light, heat and laundry. 

Fees do not include the cost of dry cleaning, shoe repairs, hairdressing, chiropody, newspapers and periodicals. These services are readily available as required and Residents will be charged accordingly.  Meals for guests will be charged by prior arrangement with the management.

Where a Resident’s fees are being made in whole or in part by a third party, the said third party agrees to ensure proper payment of the agreed fees throughout the term of the residency and will sign to accept this on the Terms and Conditions Acceptance Form on admission to Millbrook House.

Residents will be expected to provide their own clothing, general items of personal hygiene and toiletries. Residents should provide their own dentures, spectacles and hearing aids as required.  Reasonable care will be taken by staff to safeguard these items.

Millbrook House’ insurance policy includes cover up to £500per room for personal items; however, Residents should arrange their own insurance for jewellery or other valuables. In the event of a claim the Resident should contact the Manager.

Residents are accepted at Millbrook House for an initial trial period of 28 days.  This enables both the Resident and Millbrook House to assess whether the facilities and provision of care are suitable. After the trial period acceptance of our Terms and Conditions will be issued.

Thereafter should you choose to leave or are required to leave, for whatever reason, which includes some of the examples given in the following paragraph, a notice period of 28 days will apply and must be paid in full.

Examples of when we may ask you to leave include the following:

There is a substantial deterioration in your medical condition, or display disruptive behaviour to the extent that we are unable to accommodate you in a Residential Care Home.

You are in breach of payment of fees.

N.B. The above are not exhaustive and this is entirely at our discretion.

Your accommodation is only deemed vacant once all personal effects and possessions have been removed.

No allowance can be made for any period when a room is not occupied by a Resident except during a lengthy period of hospitalisation when the situation would be reviewed. In the event of the termination of residency for any reason 28 days’ notice is required.

The Commission registers Millbrook House as a Residential care home for Social Care Inspection purposes.

Millbrook House is not registered as a nursing home; however, for short-term minor ailments and disability, care can be provided under the guidance of your doctor. When additional care or nursing is required, care will be provided with the support of your medical practitioner and district nursing services; thereby avoiding transfer to a nursing home where possible. In the event of you being temporarily unable to decide on this matter, we will consult your doctor and also your relatives or representatives.

Each Resident’s health condition is monitored on an on-going basis and where it can be demonstrated that additional support is required, we may need to increase the staffing or use the services of an outside care agency, if it is the express wish of either the Resident (or their advocate), to continue living at Millbrook. These additional costs will be agreed and invoiced to the Resident’s account.

Visiting is unrestricted – but Residents have the right to refuse to see visitors and we will respect their wishes.

We require notification of the name and address of your doctor and of your next of kin or other person to be contacted in the event of an emergency, together with any changes, which may occur from time to time. Such information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

In the event of death, the next of kin or another representative will be informed immediately unless otherwise instructed.  Residents can be assured that their known wishes in respect of arrangements after death will be strictly adhered to.

On vacating a room, the Resident or the Resident’s representative will be held responsible for the cost of reasonable redecoration and refurbishment of the room should this prove necessary, over and above the fair wear and tear expected during the period of residency. A sum equivalent to one month’s fee is held as deposit when a room is booked, against the cost of such redecoration and refurbishment. It is our policy to return all or part of such deposits should the circumstances allow.

All complaints should initially be made to the management who will investigate immediately or at the very least within 24 hours depending upon their seriousness. If they are unresolved you should consult the Care Quality Commission South West. City Gate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NEI 4PA. Telephone: 03000 616161.

Details are also provided in the Residents’ Welcome Pack.

Whilst we try to ensure that the home is kept as safe as possible, no responsibility can be accepted for any accident or injury which may befall a Resident or their possessions. Neither can we accept responsibility for Residents or their possessions whilst outside of the grounds of Millbrook House Residential Home. In particular, we cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or deterioration in property, which may be caused or contributed to by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Millbrook House is committed to obtaining consent where appropriate for all aspects of the care and support which we provide and to treating all the information that the Resident provides us confidentially. In addition to any personal information that the home requires, it is necessary as a requirement of our registration with the Care Quality Commission to keep records of all the care and support that we provide and sometimes to share this information with other professionals and agencies that are also involved in the Residents care.

Millbrook House can give assurance that it has policies and procedures to keep all its information about Residents safe and secure with only people who need to have access to that information allowed to see it. We will only keep that information for as long as it is legally required. We have separate documents, which we can make available, that fully explains our policy to protect all personal information held by us to meet all current data protection requirements.