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End of Life Care and Living Wills

Millbrook House is proud to have been awarded a ‘Commend’ status in the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) for End of Life Care. This demonstrates that we have promoted a considerable amount of understanding in the needs and wishes of the resident and their families at this difficult time.  Our staff are appropriately trained and will work very closely with the Doctors, District Nurses and other professionals regarding this sensitive subject and will without fail ensure that all end of life wishes are respected.

The Home Manager and her team will be aware of your wishes regarding terminal care and death. If a resident chooses not to be resuscitated then a Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) certificate will be provided by your GP, at your request.  In addition, we discuss the “Advanced Care Plan”, which details further what the Resident wants to happen as they approach the end of life.

The purpose of the certificate is to set out the future medical treatment the Resident would like to have or wish to refuse, at a time when they may be prevented from making their own choices known.

We also recognise that a Resident may wish to spend their last few days in a place of their choice.  Whatever choices are made, all our Residents receive the best care possible to ensure they are supported and treated with respect and dignity.

Additional Care

There may be a time through either necessity or choice that extra support will be required and the services of an outside care agency may be called upon. In this instance additional costs can be incurred.  Prior to facilitating this and incurring any additional costs, they will be discussed and agreed upon with the Resident and/or their family.